2018 October Blog Photo

All About Your Yearly Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting

Dr. Z explains why we do the contact lens evaluation and fitting exam each year.

24 October, 2018
2018 Sept Blog Photo

What Can I do to Help Protect My Eyes?

Dr. Z talks about a few steps you can do for preventative eye health.

17 September, 2018
2018 August Blog Photo

Why We Want to See You Each Year

Comprehensive Eye Exam vs. Online Vision Screening

21 August, 2018
July 2018 Light Bulb Pic

Optician Q+A

Bryan, our optical manager, sheds some light on what it takes to be an expert Optican.  

09 July, 2018
Ultra F A Ecp1 Cropped

Astigmatism Contact Lens Options

I have been told I have astigmatism, and now I want to try contacts....can I?

08 June, 2018