Wearing Progressive Lenses

Optique offers the newest, top-of-the-line progressive lenses, custom-fitted to each patient by certified opticians.  If you are trying new progressives, you will find the following information helpful.

Progressive-wearers need time to adapt to new lenses.  Modern progressive lenses have a high success rate.  Nevertheless, the eye and brain have to learn to adjust to the new prescription and lens design.  The good news: The sense of sight is a highly adaptable system.  In a short period of time, the eye will learn and adapt to new viewing conditions.

What will I experience when getting used to wearing progressive lenses?

• You should wear your new progressive lenses daily from morning until evening. • Your lens will contain the distance prescription at the top, the reading prescription at the bottom, and a gradual blending in between. This “intermediate” prescription is primarily used for computer work. • Areas of soft focus at the peripheral edges of the lenses. • More head movement – and less moving of the eyes, especially for seeing up close.

7 Tips to Make the Transition Easier:

#1. It’s all in the approach. People with an optimistic, never-give-up attitude adapt well. #2. Try them sooner rather than later. In general, the younger you are when first trying progressives, the better will be your chances of adapting. #3. Consistent wear speeds up the process. Progressives are meant to be worn full time. Wear them full time for a couple weeks. (Once fully adapted, you can wear them as-needed if you prefer.) #4. Set realistic expectations, and be patient. Progressives are not “ready-to-wear” for anyone. Know that it is a new visual experience. The lenses may feel “off” at first, but your vision will clarify with time. #5. Position your glasses as close to your face as possible. This widens your field of view. We will help you with this part. #6. You may have to adjust your desk setup, as far as the computer monitor and desk height and distance. #7. Until you are fully adjusted, be careful driving, going down stairs, or stepping off curbs. Keep your old glasses with you—just in case of emergency—until you are fully adapted.

If your new progressive lenses still do not feel pleasant after two or three weeks of full time wear, your Optique optician will gladly help you further.

14 December, 2015