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Cataracts, Part I of II

Part I of everything you need to know about this common condition.

17 May, 2019
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​Am I Hurting My Eyes by Using the Computer Too Much?

These devices can improve productivity and they can be great sources of entertainment, but what are the potential health impacts of this increased screen time?

27 February, 2019
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Systemic Health Conditions and Your Eyes

There are many common findings during a routine eye exam that can be an early sign of significant systemic health concerns.

10 January, 2019
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All About Your Yearly Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting

Dr. Z explains why we do the contact lens evaluation and fitting exam each year.

24 October, 2018
2018 Sept Blog Photo

What Can I do to Help Protect My Eyes?

Dr. Z talks about a few steps you can do for preventative eye health.

17 September, 2018