Dr Z And  Lesley

Getting to Know Dr. Z

We promised that our blog will include more personal tidbits about our doctors and staff, so I (Dr. Rhodes) asked Dr. Zemanovich (aka “Dr. Z”) to tell us more about himself.  Here is what he said…

21 September, 2015

Beware of Buying Eyeglasses Online

Today you can buy anything on the internet, with one of the latest trends being low cost prescription eyeglasses. But don’t be dazzled by nice web design and a trendy business model–if you care about quality, vision, and comfort, buying eyeglasses online is simply not worth it.

20 September, 2015
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Come Join Our World

Welcome to Optique’s See Well, Look Better blog.  Here you will find everything and anything that pops into our mind that will help you get to know us better.

16 September, 2015