Answers to a Few of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you validate parking?

Yes, we validate parking for 1 hour at our Seaholm location, and parking is free at our South Lamar location.

Can I make an appointment today?

Yes!  In most cases, especially if you are experiencing a medical eye emergency, we will fit you in on the same day.  If you are coming in for a comprehensive check-up and we are fully booked for the same day, we can usually get you into the office within a few days. 

Do you see children for eye exams?

Yes!  We love children.  We highly recommend kids come in for their first eye exam by at least pre-K or before Kindergarten at the very latest.

Do you carry the same frame selection at each store?

Yes and no.  We have about 50% of the frame lines that are the same at each store, but each store also has its own unique collections.

How long does the eye examination take?

We recommend blocking off about an hour of your time to make sure you can park, get checked in and have enough time at the end of the exam to look for glasses.

Do you make prescription lenses in-house?

Yes!  We make the majority of our patient’s prescription lenses in our own lab, where we can precisely control the quality and accuracy of the design of your lenses.  An exception would be if that your insurance lab requires us to use their lab instead of ours.

Do we carry inventory of contact lenses in our stores?

We have select brands that we carry in our store.  For anything else, we can get your contact lenses within a few days.  We also can ship your contacts directly to your home or business, and we provide free delivery as well.

How long will it take to get your prescription frame and lenses once you order it?

With our in-house lab, we have the ability to provide one-hour service for many prescriptions.  If you choose a different lens that we don’t carry in-house, we generally recommend a wait time of one week for single vision and two to three weeks for bifocals or progressives.  Although, it is usually much faster than that.  If you are custom ordering a frame, the lenses will not be made until we receive the frame first.  If we are using your insurance lab, it is subject to their own individual wait times. 

What are your prices on frames?

Depending on whether you use insurance or not, this varies substantially. Insurance can contribute a lot to the cost of the frame, so you could leave with a complete frame and prescription lens without paying much out of pocket. Our retail prices start about $200, and it can go upwards to over $1,000 depending on what frame you choose.

Do you have a large selection of frames?

Yes! We have a very large selection of frames in different collections. Between our two stores, we carry about 2,000 frames.

Do I have to get my eyes dilated?

Every comprehensive eye examination includes dilation. You have the option to take an undilated photograph of your retina using the Optomap technology. If you have certain medical or eye conditions, our doctors may require you to have your eyes dilated.

Is this the frame I am going to get?

We carry collections that are one of a kind. Most of our lines are handcrafted, and each frame has unique features even compared to another frame of the same kind, color and brand. It is very similar to a luxury piece of jewelry. If you choose a frame from our in-store inventory, then yes, that is the frame you will receive. If you custom order a frame in another color or shape that we do not have in store, then you will receive that frame at a later date.