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Austin Customized Contact Lenses

Dr. RhodesDr. Zemanovich  and Dr. Whelan provide comprehensive vision care in Austin, including fitting and prescribing customized contact lenses to correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, presbyopia (age-related problem of focusing at near), or for individuals with corneal diseases (e.g., keratoconus) or post-refractive surgery. In addition, cosmetic lenses are also available in one of our Austin locations, to change your eye color or enhance your sports performance. 

Contact Lenses Made for You

During your contact lens evaluation and fitting, the doctors will evaluate several factors to determine which type of contact lens is best suited for you, such as your refractive error, your eye health, and your personal lifestyle. Whether you want contact lenses for full-time wear or occasional wear for social outings or sports, Dr. Rhodes, Dr. Zemanovich and Dr. Whelan are dedicated to finding the right pair of contact lenses for you.

Get Your Contacts Fast with Optique

Out of contacts and need something quick?  We carry select contact lenses in stock, and we can deliver your contacts to you with our See Well, Look Better delivery vehicle in the Austin area.

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